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Can Nephrotic Syndrome Be Cured with Chinese Medicine

2014-08-19 02:50

Can Nephrotic Syndrome Be Cured with Chinese Medicine Nephrotic Syndrome relapses easily, so many patients may find they can not get a permanent cure at all with medicines they take like prednisone, cyclophosphamide and cellcept. Well, can this illness be cured with Chinese medicine?

If you search related information on internet, you may find there is no cure for Nephrotic Syndrome, but with proper treatment, patients can get clinical remission which means illness can be controlled well. Nephrotic Syndrome is not a specific illness, but a group of clinical manifestation like massive protein in urine, severe fluid retention, low protein in blood and hyperlipidaemia. Therefore, in many cases, Nephrotic Syndrome is treated by treating its symptoms. Medicines we mentioned in the first paragraph are the most commonly used oral medicines that can help to bring all the symptoms under control. Tight control of clinical manifestation is very important, but unfortunately, progression of Nephrotic Syndrome can not be stopped by controlling it is symptoms, so finally kidney failure appears.

Nephrotic Syndrome can not be cured as well with Chinese medicine, but its progression can be stopped with proper treatment like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Mai Kang mixture, Medicated Bath and Acupuncture. These Chinese treatment methods work differently from steroids. They are also helpful for the tight control of proteinuria, but they do this job by improving kidney condition.

For individual with Nephrotic Syndrome, Chinese medicine helps them improve kidney function in the following several ways:

1. Promote blood circulation in kidney: This is a very important step for the recovery of kidney condition. Kidney is responsible for filtering blood, so by promoting blood in kidney, kidney cells can get necessary oxygen and nutrition timely from blood.

2. Repair injured kidney cells: Kidney works through a group of kidney intrinsic cells, so its function is impaired when kidney cells are injured and fail to do job properly. By repairing some injured kidney intrinsic cells, kidney function can be improved and consequently, kidney works better.

3. Provide the kidney cells with necessary nutrition: Chinese medicine also contains lots of nutrition needed by our kidney and body. With these nutrition, injured kidney cells recovery quickly.

Nephrotic Syndrome is a kidney disorder that can cause progressive decline of kidney function. Although there is no cure for Nephrotic Syndrome, but with the help of some Chinese medicines, it is quite possible for patients to live as well as they did before.

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