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What Are Side Effects Of Glucocorticoid Hormone When It Treat NS

2014-08-13 02:01

What Are Side Effects Of Glucocorticoid Hormone When It Treat NSNephrotic Syndrome (NS)is nonspecific kidney disorder which is characterized by a number of signs of disease: proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia and edema. In western medicine, doctors usually apply glococorticoid hormone to control NS. It can only control its symptoms for a short time but cannot treat the disease from the root. Besides, it has many side effects. Well then, what are the side effects of glucocorticoid hormone when treating kidney disease?

1. Metabolic disorder

The first is glucose metabolism dysfunction and it is most often to be seen in children and older people who take hormone for a long time. When high glucose occurs, they should reduce the dosage of hormone. When necessary, they should take medications to lower blood sugar level. The second is protein metabolism disorder. Since the synthesis of extrahepatic protein increases, it can lead to osteoporosis, mypathy and poor wound healing. Besides, there is fat metabolism disorder which shows like that hyperlipidaemia and moon-shaped face. What’s more, glucocorticoid hormone can also lead to swelling, electrolyte disorder and hypokalemia.

2. Digestive system

As glucocorticoid hormone elevates the secretion and tenuity of pancreatic juice, promotes the hyperplasia of epithelial cells of the pancreas. In this condition, minuteness pancreas will be blocked which induces pancreatitis.

3. Central nervous system

Central nervous system is also a side effect of glucocorticoid hormone, like physical hormone, which is often to be seen in women.

4. Cardiovascular system

Cardiovascular system dysfunction includes high blood pressure and thrombosis. Thrombosis is caused because glococorticoid hormone prevents fibrinolysis, increases blood platelet. In this condition, the gathering activity of blood platelet will be enhanced, so blood clots is formed.

5. Urinary system

Glucocoticoid hormone can increase the secretion of calcium and phosphorus, make their concentration elevated. This makes accumulation of phosphate, thus stone is formed. Phosphorus and calcium deposit in the kidney tubules, which will lead to kidney tubule blockage and kidney function damage.

There is limited space here. We cannot introduce all its side effects here. Therefore, if you have any question, you can consult our online doctor directly. Due to side effects, at present we use apply Chinese Medicine like Chinese Medicine Osmosis Therapy, Immunotherapy, Medicated Bath and Foot Bath, etc to treat kidney disease. It has no side effects and also shows effects quickly.

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