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A Natural Healing For Minimal Change Disease

2014-06-28 01:44

A Natural Healing For Minimal Change DiseaseHow to heal Minimal Change Disease (MCD) naturally? Natural treatment is much favored by most people due to its safety and efficacy. Well then what is the natural heal for MCD?

What is minimal change disease?

Minimal change disease is a kidney disorder that can cause nephrotic syndrome. In MCD, there is damage to the glomeruli-the tiny vessels inside the nephron where blood is filtered to make urine and waste is removed. The disease gets its name because the damage is not visible under a regular microscope. It can only be seen under an electron microscope.

What symptoms of minimal change disease (MCD)?

The symptoms include foamy appearance of the urine, poor appetite, swelling especially around the eyes, feet, ankles, and in the abdomen as well as weight gain due to fluid retention.

How to heal minimal change disease naturally?

Western medicines can only treat symptoms. For example, swelling may be treated with ACE inhibitor medicines, blood pressure control and diuretics. You may also be told to reduce the amount of salt in your diet. However, western medicines like steroids cannot treat the disease from the root and also a relapse can occur.

To treat minimal change disease fundamentally and avoid the side effects of steroids and other western medicines, a natural healing is known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy helps repair damaged glomeruli and improve kidney function. After a period of treatment, swelling can be greatly relieved and urine output will increase to help remove excess fluid out of the body.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treats MCD naturally through the following functions:

Dilation of blood vessels



Prevent renal fibrosis

Promote blood circulation and increase blood flow

All these functions contribute to repair damaged renal tissues. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is bases on traditional Chinese herbal medicines which all come from nature. Therefore, it is a natural heal for MCD and causes no side effects. You can set your heart at rest.

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