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Nephrotic Syndrome with Low Protein in Blood&Leg Edema Treatment

2013-12-23 10:50

Nephrotic syndrome is not a specific condition,but a syndrome with a group of symptoms.Low protein in blood and leg edema are common signs of nephrotic syndrome.

Low protein in blood in Nephrotic Syndrome

Glomeruli with tinier holes act as filters in kidneys.In right condition,the small molecular waste products can pass through the holes and then will be removed from body in the form of urine.Proteins are too big to pass through the holes so will be preserved in body.However,in nephrotic syndrome,the glomeruli become impaired and scarred.Consequently,the protein will squeeze through the holes and end up in urine,resulting in low protein in urine in nephrotic syndrome.

Leg edema in nephrotic syndrome

The proteins in blood are just like sponge.They can hold the fluid to maintain the blood volume in blood vessels.If the level of protein in blood decreases, the proteins in blood are not enough to hold the fluid in blood vessels.Hence,the fluid in blood vessels will infilter into subcutaneous tissues.Due to gravity, fluid often builds up in low parts of the body.Hence,leg edema occurs in nephrotic syndrome.

Low protein in blood and leg edema in nephrotic syndrome treatment

The underlying cause of leg edema in nephrotic syndrome is low protein in blood.To control these two conditions fundamentally, the patients should have a treatment to increase the level of protein in blood effectively.

Prednisone is the most commonly applied drugs for nephrotic syndrome.It can decrease the permeability of renal blood vessels.Hence,the leakage of protein from blood will decrease. However, it only can relieve the condition,but can not control the underlying cause.What’s worse, long-term use of prednisone can cause many adverse effects.

As protein in urine results from damage to glomeruli, if the damage can be reversed, low protein in blood and leg edema in nephrotic syndrome will be controlled fundamentally. Immunotherapy can help the patients attain the treatment goals to control nephrotic syndrome fundamentally.

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