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Lupus Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment

2013-10-27 16:51

Lupus nephrotic syndrome is secondary to systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).A typical sign of the condition is heavy protein in urine.What is the treatment for lupus nephrotic syndrome treatment?

Lupus Nephrotic Syndrome

Lupus is an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks different parts of body such as joints,intestines and stomach,skin,and kidneys.When kidneys are involved,Lupus Nephritis can occur.Lupus nephrotic syndrome can be one of complications of lupus nephrotic syndrome.Lupus nephrotic syndrome can worsen renal function and advance the onset of Kidney Failure.What is the treatment for lupus nephrotic syndrome?

Treatment for lupus nephrotic syndrome

The conventional treatment for lupus nephrotic syndrome include immunosuppressive drugs and hormones.These medications can suppress the inflammatory response and reduce the leakage of protein in urine.Hence,renal function decline will be slowed down.However,Kidney Failure still can not be avoided in most of the cases.

Immunotherapy is a recommended effective treatment for lupus Nephrotic Syndrome.It works in the following ways to treat the condition,as follows.

Control inflammation in kidneys

Immunotherapy can inhibit the inflammatory response in kidneys and stop the releasing of inflammatory factors in kidneys.Therefore,the inflammation in kidneys will be controlled.

Rebuild normal immune system

The therapy can help the body rebuild normal immune system.If so,it will stop attacking body parts.If the causes of lupus can be controlled,the underlying causes of lupus nephrotic syndrome will be treated fundamentally.

Enhance renal function

As the glomeruli in kidneys are impaired significantly,the kidneys will fail to function properly.Therefore,to keep lupus nephrotic syndrome completely and fundamentally,the patient should have a treatment to restore the impaired glomeruli.

Immunotherapy can help the body retrieve self-healing ability. When the impaired kidney tissues can be regenerated,the patients will have an improvement of renal function.

Immunotherapy can treat lupus nephrotic syndrome from its underlying cause. Thereby, the patients will avoid developing Kidney Failure completely.

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