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Herbs to Strengthen Kidney in Nephrotic Syndrome

2013-10-22 17:31

Herbs to Strengthen Kidney in Nephrotic SyndromeNephrotic syndrome is featured with inflammation of glomeruli which are the tiny filters in kidneys.When the filters are impaired,the kidneys will fail to function properly.What herbs can strengthen kidney in nephrotic syndrome?

Renal function decline in Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome is an immunologically medicated disorder., in which the immune system attacks kidneys by mistakes.In right condition,when outside harmful substances as antigens invade into body,antibodies will be produced by immune system to defeat them.Then the antibodies and antigens will form immune complexes.Eventually,the immune complexes will be filtered out of body in urine.

However,in nephrotic syndrome,the immune system fails to function properly,the immune complexes can not be eliminated from body,but lodge in kidneys.To remove the immune complexes from body,the kidneys will release and attract inflammatory factors.The inflammatory factors can cause inflammation of kidneys and renal function decline.

Herbs to strengthen kidney in nephrotic syndrome

There is a variety of herbs which can be applied to treat nephrotic syndrome such as cordyceps sinensis,rheum officinale etc.Based on patients’ illness condition,different types of herbs will be applied. However,traditional oral medicines have many adverse effects on body and also take effect very slowly.To overcome those adverse effects, Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is a recommended treatment for people with nephrotic syndrome.This therapy can strengthen kidney in nephrotic syndrome by restoring the impaired kidney tissues and cells effectively.

Suppress the inflammation in kidneys

The effective Chinese medicines can suppress the inflammation in kidneys and stop the releasing of inflammatory factors in body.In this way, it can stop further inflammatory damage to kidneys.

Improve renal function

Chinese medicines can activate the self-healing system in body.When the impaired kidney tissues can be regenerated,the kidney structure will be restored. If so, the patients’ renal function will be improved.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can strengthen kidney in nephrotic syndrome in an effective and natural way. Therefore, the renal function will stop declining completely.

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