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How Is Edema Of Nephrotic Syndrome Treated In China

2015-03-26 07:34

How Is Edema Of Nephrotic Syndrome Treated In ChinaThe main pathological feature is massive protein in urine, severe edema, hyperlipidemia and hypoproteinemia. Edmea is concerned issue of nephrotic syndrome patients. Many nephrotic syndrome patients cannot work due to severe edema. Well, how to eliminate edema?

Why edema occurs in nephrotic syndrome?

Edema is caused because kidneys are damaged, causing renal ischemia and anoxia, which leads to injured renal capillaries. In this condition, inflammatory factor will invade your body, renal fibrosis will occur and immune complexes will deposit in kidney. A lot of renal cells are damaged greatly. Kidneys cannot perform its filtering function and excessive fluid and metabolic wastes cannot be removed out of the body. Severe edema of your body occurs.

How does western medicine treat nephrotic syndrome?

Western medicine usually uses steroid therapy to treat nephrotic syndrome. Steroid therapy only aims to alleviate protein in urine but has no obvious effect in alleviating edema. Steroid therapy can eliminate protein but it is easy to cause moon face and buffalo hump which worsens edema. After a period of steroid treatment, steroid dosage will be reduced and protein in urine will relapse and edema will become aggravated. Kidney disease will become worse and worse with relapse.

How to alleviate edema?-Immunotherapy can make edema disappear.

Immunotherapy treats kidney disease from the perspective of human immunology and it is a new and special treatment in 2012. This therapy is on the basis of Chinese medicine and the active ingredients in Chinese medicine can expand blood vessels, alleviate renal ischemia and anoxia state, prevent inflammatory factors from spreading, eliminate inflammatory factors, avoid further kidney damage, cleanse immune complexes depositing in kidney, block renal fibrosis progression and control the deterioration of your disease effectively. When medical conditions get controlled, it begins to repair damaged kidney cells, repair basement membrane, improve immunity and prevent the relapse of your disease. When damaged kidney cells are repaired, kidneys can perform its normal filtering ability and discharge excessive fluid and metabolic substances, edema will disappear naturally.

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