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The Causes Of Acute Kidney Failure In Nephrotic Syndrome

2014-12-29 17:36

The Causes Of Acute Kidney Failure In Nephrotic SyndromeAs we all know, nephrotic syndrome (NS) will cause many complications. Among these, acute kidney failure is one of them. To prevent the occurrence of kidney failure, patients need to know the causes why Nephrotic Syndrome will lead to kidney failure.

When you have nephrotic syndrome, except for symptoms like severe edema, hyperlipidaemia, massive proteinuria and hypoproteinemia, many complications will also occur. The most serious is acute kidney failure.

The causes of acute kidney failure in NS include the following aspects:

1. hemodynamic changes

We all know that NS patients will experience hypoproteinemia and old patients can also experience arteriolosclerosis of glomeruli. Therefore, patients’ blood volume is very sensitive. If acute hemorrhage and ascitic fluid occurs, blood pressure will decrease. Under this condition, renal perfusion will also reduce. However, glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is also low. Besides, other factors include ischemia and dead epithelial cells. All these can lead to acute kidney failure.

2. renal interstitial edema

Hypoproteinemia can lead to edema and also trigger renal interstitial edema. Renal interstitial edema will oppress renal tubular, causing elevated water pressure of proximal tubule and decreased GFR.

3. medications

Some medications can lead to acute interstitial nephritis.

4. vasoconstriction

With hypoproteinemia, the concentration of renin will arise so as to make shrinkage of renal arteriole and decrease of GFR.

5. concentrated protein cast

Concentrated protein cast can block distal renal tubule. Nephrotic Syndrome patients can suffer from acute kidney failure in this case.

We hope you have known the causes of acute kidney failure in NS. If you have any doubt, please click our online doctor to get free advice.

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