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Why Protein Leakage in Nephrotic Syndrome Relapse Easily

2014-10-24 16:20

Why Protein Leakage in Nephrotic Syndrome Relapse EasilySevere protein leakage is a symptom or clinical manifestation of Nephrotic Syndrome and due to this problem, not only protein level in blood becomes very low, blood lipid becomes very high. Protein leakage associated with Nephrotic Syndrome can be brought under control with some medicines, but it relapses frequently and easily. What is worse, every relapse of this problem will worsen kidney condition. Why is this? Why it is so hard to cure protein leakage caused by Nephrotic Syndrome?

Protein should be preserved in the body while flowing through kidney with blood. However, for people with Nephrotic Syndrome, as their glomerular filtration membrane is damaged severely, protein leak into urine while passing through kidney. As a result, proteinuria is caused.

Severe proteinuria is just one of the clinical manifestations of Nephrotic Syndrome. Apart from it, there are severe swelling, low protein level in blood and high blood lipid. In many cases, Nephrotic Syndrome patients are prescribed with oral medicines like prednisone and cyclophosphamide to bring all these clinical manifestations under control. With the alleviation and disappear of these problems, many patients believe their illness is cured, but actually this is a totally wrong idea. Protein leakage is just a manifestation of kidney damage in Nephrotic Syndrome, and by controlling this symptom, kidney problem can not be solved at all. Under such a condition, when patients reduce medicine dose, stop taking medicine or develop risky factors, protein leakage appears again.

Since protein leakage appears due to damaged glomerular filtration membrane, for Nephrotic Syndrome patients, if they want to cure protein leakage, treatment that can repair kidney damages is needed. On the basis of this, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended. It is a herbal treatment which can repair injured kidney intrinsic tissues. Actually, when kidney damages are repaired and kidney function improved, not only protein leakage problem is solved fundamentally, but also other symptoms like swelling, low blood protein level and high blood lipid level are alleviated successfully.

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