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Nephrotic Syndrome: How to Stop Spilling Protein in Urine

2013-02-17 10:14

Spilling protein in urine is a common sign among Nephrotic Syndrome patients and the more protein spill, the severer the illness condition is. Therefore, stopping spilling protein in urine has a great significance for Nephrotic Syndrome patients, but the problem is how to stop spilling protein in urine?

How does kidney stop protein from spilling?

In kidney, there is glomerular filtration membrane which works though charge barrier and mechanical barrier. With charge barrier, our membrane stops protein with negative charge from passing through. In terns of mechanical barrier, it only allows substances with radius less than 14 to pass through. Under the effects of these two barriers, most of the protein can be stopped from leaking out. Therefore, in normal case, no protein can be detected out in urine.

Nephrotic Syndrome: How to Stop Spilling Protein in Urine?

As long as one of the barriers is impaired or damaged, protein will leak into urine and thus form proteinuria. For people with Nephrotic Syndrome, large amounts of protein spill and into urine just because of damaged glomerular filtration membrane. Without effective charge barrier and mechanical barrier, glomerular filtration membrane can not stop protein passing through. In this light, we can know that repairing damaged glomerular filtration membrane and improving charge barrier and mechanical barrier can help to stop spilling protein in urine effectively.

Immunotherapy is a new therapy which combines Chinese medicine and western medicines. We know Chinese medicine and western medicines treat kidney problem in different ways and through combining them, we can receive better treatment effects. In Immunotherapy, Chinese medicines are used to repair intrinsic cells. We know glomerular filtration membrane is composed of renal intrinsic cells are basilar membrane. Through repairing these damaged renal intrinsic cells, charge barrier and mechanical barrier can be improved greatly, as result of which, protein can be stopped from being leaked. As long as Nephrotic Syndrome patients do not spill protein in urine, they get recovery.

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