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What Factors Affect The Treatment Of Nephrotic Syndrome

2014-12-27 01:46

What Factors Affect The Treatment Of Nephrotic SyndromeSince most people do not know what factors affect the treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome (NS), the disease is aggravated and people become weaker and weaker. Our expert will introduce the factors in the following which affect the treatment of NS.


In nephrotic syndrome, children with primary NS is most common, while minimal change disease (MCD) only accounts for 80%. Children, age 2 to 6 years old, account for 85% of MCD. The older you get, the less patients are. The younger you get, the higher the mortality rate is.

Occult blood

Occult blood is not obvious, which belongs to type 1 NS and is called MCD. This disease has a relatively good prognosis. If occult blood is obvious, it is type 2 NS and the prognosis is poor.


If patients have selective proteinuria, it indicates that the disease is not so serious. It has a relatively good prognosis. On the contrary, prognosis is bad. At the same time, if proteinuria in early stage is relatively serious, kidney function will be damaged quickly and the prognosis is bad.

High blood pressure and azotemia

If high blood pressure and azotemia occurs, this disease belongs to type 2 nephrotic syndrome. Steroid has no effective result on treating this disease and prognosis is poor.

Serum cholesterol

Patients with elevated serum cholesterol level have a good prognosis, otherwise, the prognosis is bad.

Treatment time

The earlier you take treatment, the better your prognosis is. If an adult suffer from this disease for more than half of a year, the prognosis is not optimistic.

Treatment method

Steroid therapy can control this disease effectively but this disease is easy to relapse. However, if patients apply Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for their disease, the disease can be treated radically and naturally.

Effective treatment for patients is quite good. When nephrotic syndrome patients choose hospital, they must choose a standard hospital. With the premise of safety guarantee, patients can get rid of illness as early as possible.

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