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How Long Can Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Live

2014-12-01 07:43

How Long Can Nephrotic Syndrome Patients LiveSince nephrotic syndrome (NS) repeats again and again. And medical condition is becoming more and more worse. It is also likely to advance into uremia. Therefore, many patients consult our online doctor: NS can not be cured so how long can the patients live at this condition. Is there a best treatment for nephrotic syndrome?

To help Nephrotic syndrome patients build up confidence to fight the disease and prolong their life span, kidney disease experts will make the following introduction:

The life span depends on the severity of nephrotic syndrome:

In the early stage of nephrotic syndrome, medical conditions at this condition is not so serious. Only taking active and effective treatment can cure NS and cause no relapse. However, if you take treatment improperly, NS will have repeated recurrence. In this case, it is difficult to say how many years can people with NS live. From the above, we can see the key point for nephrotic syndrome is to cure the disease and prevent relapse.

The life span depends on pathological type of nephrotic syndrome.

Nephrotic syndrome has many pathological morphological types, including diffuse membranous glomerulonephritis, minimal glomerulonephritis and diffuse membrane proliferative glomerulonephritis and so on. Different pathological feature has different prognosis. Minimal glomerulonephritis is a common primary glomerulonephritis, also called lipoid nephrosis. The prognosis will be good if patients take steroid therapy and some Chinese medicine treatment. Teenagers usually suffer from diffuse membranous glomerulonephritis and in the late stage about 50-70% patients will die within 10 years. The prognosis of this disease is poor. Diffuse membrane proliferative has a relatively good prognosis.

How to stop the relapse of nephrotic syndrome?

In terms of pathology, NS is a series of clinical syndrome caused by damaged kidney intrinsic cells under the action of inflammatory response. Steroid-conventional therapy, only prevents inflammation and control inflammatory reaction in a short time. This helps prevent further kidney intrinsic cells from being damaged. Protein in urine for those who are sensitive to steroid can change into negative. However, this good condition will be disturbed once steroids are used up. Medical conditions will repeat again in the case of risk factors. Hence, steroid only cures the symptoms not the disease.

To prevent the relapse of NS, we use Chinese medicine treatment. The active ingredients in Chinese medicine play a role in repairing kidney intrinsic cells and improving renal function. Thus, NS will be treated from the root and no relapse will occur. Also patients will have a relatively long life span.

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