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Should We Take High Protein with Nephrotic Syndrome and High Urea Level

2015-02-22 08:57

Should We Take High Protein with Nephrotic Syndrome and High Urea LevelIf we are Nephrotic Syndrome sufferer, we need to pay attention to protein intake, because proper protein intake contributes to a good recovery. Well, should we take high protein with Nephrotic Syndrome and high urea level?

Why should we need to be careful about protein intake?

Protein intake is a concern in Nephrotic Syndrome, due to the following two factors:

-high protein consumption elevates urea level

Protein is the basic of life and we can say no protein, no life. Normally, protein is decomposed into amino acid and then utilized by our body. During this process, a substance named urea nitrogen is produced and then removed out of the body through kidney. When kidneys fail to work as well as they did before, urea nitrogen that should be eliminated will build up in blood, leading to high blood urea nitrogen. For this reason, Nephrotic Syndrome patients need to be careful about protein intake, so as to avoid further elevating urea level.

-low protein intake may aggravate hypoproteinemia

Nephrotic Syndrome is not a specific illness, but a groups of clinical manifestations. In Nephrotic Syndrome, large amounts of protein are lost in urine, leading to hypoproteinemia which impairs immune system and affects other organs. Under such a condition, strict protein limitation will aggravate hypoproteinemia and increases risk for other illnesses.

Should be take high protein with Nephrotic Syndrome and high urea level?

Both high and low protein intake might be harmful for Nephrotic Syndrome. In reality, some of the patients are asked to slightly limit protein intake, so as to reduce kidney burden and urea level. However, in some other cases, patients are asked to increase protein supplement, so as to alleviate hypoproteinemia. Exact protein intake is usually calculated based on specific illness condition, so that we can bring Nephrotic Syndrome under control timely and meanwhile protect other organs and avoid further elevation of urea level.

If you want to know how much protein is needed by you, you can email us your illness condition kidneycares@hotmail.com or you can contact online doctor to get individual suggestions.

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