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What Vegetables Do Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Need To Eat

2014-12-02 16:02

What Vegetables Do Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Need To EatVegetables are an essential food of healthy people and Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) patients. Once our kidneys are damaged, they will do damages on our body. At this time, vegetables are the best supplement. Well, what vegetables should NS patients eat?

The following vegetables can be kidney-friendly foods.

1. Wax gourd

Wax gourd has function of activating kidneys. In summer, much sweat will remove some nutrients out of the body. Energy will be consumed greatly so people will be easily tired. However, if water in the body flows through kidneys and will be discharged by urine. In this way, nutrients will not be discharged out of the body. This is the reason why nephrotic syndrome in summer need to eat wax gourd. it has the functions of increasing urine output and activating kidney function.

2. Lettuce

Lettuce contains rich sugar, carotene and vitamin B, C and E, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and iodine as well as minerals. Eating more lettuce is able to increase the tension of blood vessels to increase urine output. Potassium in lettuce contributes to balancing water and electrolytes and increasing urine output. Nephritis patients can add lettuce to their renal diet.

3. Phytin

Phytin is also called medical vegetable. Tremella polysaccharides in phytin can improve renal function.

4. Celery

Celery can eliminate edema because eating celery can increase urine output which is able to discharge excessive fluid from the body. In this way, it can achieve the purpose of eliminating edema. Therefore, patients with edema can eat celery.

Although the above vegetables have benefits for nephrotic syndrome patients, it does not mean they are suitable for all patients. Whether they can eat these vegetables depends on their own medical conditions. If you do not know if the vegetables are good for you, you can leave us a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com or consult our online doctor directly.

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