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Is Bottle Gourd Good for Nephrotic Syndrome

2013-11-07 17:51

Bottle gourd is one of those vegetables which have bland tastes. But its benefits are just too many to ignore this healthy vegetable. Is it good for Nephrotic Syndrome? In the following, I will give you the answer.

Main Nutritional Ingredient(per 100g)

Calorie 15cal Vitamin C 11mg
Carbohydrate 3.5g Carotene 40mg
Fat 0.1g Calcium 16mg
Protein 0.7g Potassium 87mg
Cellulose 0.8g Phosphorus 15mg
Vitamin A 7g Sodium 0.6mg

Benefits of Bottle Gourd

First, bottle gourd is good for immune system. Because it contains rich protein and various microelements, which are helpful for improving immune system. Besides, vitamin C in it is also good for promoting the compound of antibody so as to enhance the ability of anti-virus. All of these can benefit you from fighting with kidney disease.

Second, bottle gourd can alleviate the symptom of edema, which is a basic characteristic of Nephrotic Syndrome. Excess water and toxins are flushed out due to the diuretic properties of this vegetable.

Third, urinary infection is a common combination of Nephrotic Syndrome. Bottle gourd reduces the chance of urinary infection because it is alkalizing and has a diuretic effect. Besides, it supports the urinary system of our body by reducing burning sensation from high acidic urination.

Fourth, its low sodium is also good for kidney disease patients. As we all know, low sodium diet is necessary for patients to keep from high blood pressure and edema.

Moreover, Nephrotic Syndrome patients should limit the diet of saturated fatty acid to control the hyperlipidaemia. From the nutritional ingredient form, we can see that bottle gourd has only 0.1g fat, which is good for the patient's body.

There are also many other benefits, for example, its high cellulose is good for digestion and weight loss, and it also plays a positive role in treating high blood pressure, heart problems, and diabetics.

However, not all patients in every stage of Nephrotic Syndrome are suitable for eating bottle gourd. The correct diet should be formulated according to your illness condition. You can leave us a message or consult doctors online to have a knowledge of your diet.

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