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What Is The New Treatment for Nephritis

2018-01-15 03:56

The New Treatment for NephritisWhere is the utmost difficulty in treating nephritis?

What is the new treatment for Nephritis?

1. Utmost difficulty in treating nephritis

Nephritis is the inflammatory reaction from immune complexes. Therefore, cleansing immune complexes is the key point of treatment.

However, current treatment has no method to cleanse immune complexes. Thus, common treatment is only for eliminating urine protein and hematuria.

The best medicine for eliminating urine protein is steroids. But for patients with proteinuria less than 1g, steroids seem like a bit of overkill. Many side effects can occur from steroids.

How about occult blood? Nowadays there is no medicine for eliminating occult blood. And bloody urine is not easy to cause kidney damage. Thus, hematuria is often treated by conservative treatments.

2. New treatment for Nephritis

The new and radical treatment for nephritis is to cleanse immune complexes from your body.

Purgation and eliminating stasis of Chinese medicine can remove immune complexes from your body effectively. It includes the following aspects:

Cleanse the deposits of immune complexes

Via circle therapy, medicated bath, moxibustion therapy and medicated foot bath,etc, Chinese medicines can arrive at kidney lesion directly and avoid waste during metabolism process. Chinese medicines help activate cells and improve kidneys’ cleansing function.

Improve microcirculation

Immune complexes tend to cause immune inflammatory reaction and also cause block of blood circulation. This results in necrosis of kidney cells. Chinese medicines can dredge blood circulation, improve kidney microcirculation, discharge immune complexes out of your body effectively and also improve renal ischemia and anoxia state.

With Chinese medicine treatments, Nephritis can be treated from the root. No relapse occurs. If you have any question, you can leave a message below or consult our online doctor directly.

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