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Kidneys Still Do Not Get Well After Kidney Transplant

2015-11-17 02:22

A person has suffered from chronic nephritis for over 10 years. After several years of dialysis, two years ago he took kidney transplant successfully. It should have been a good thing but thin gs do not develop as his imagination. Kidney function does not work properly.

At that time, the doctor told him kidney function will work normally after three months of kidney transplant. But now there is no any improvement. He thinks the doctor is a cheater and the hospital just wants to earn money. This person is very angry about this.

His son thinks that the only option now is to find a new therapies for kidney disease so he comes to our hospital and decides to have a try of Chinese medicine treatment.

Different from western medicine theory-inhibition and deactivation, Chinese medicine theory is activation and improvement. Half a month later, his serum creatinine level 741umol/L decreases to 437umol/L. With this level, dialysis is not necessary.

                        Kidneys Still Do Not Get Well After Kidney Transplant
                       Kidneys Still Do Not Get Well After Kidney Transplant

As for his condition, the first step is to purify his blood. The root cause of kidney disease is toxins in blood. Toxins in blood invade kidney, leading to inflammation or proliferation of renal intrinsic cells, which damages kidney tissues. Thus, blood purification is vital. In our hospital, the effective treatment is Blood Pollution Therapy which starts from treating polluted blood and provides a good internal environment for kidney restoration.

The second step is to repair injured kidney tissues and improve kidney function. in this step, we recommend Four One Chinese Medicine Treatment which includes Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicinal Soup, Foot Bath and Mai Kang Mixture. This is a systematic therapy for kidney disease, which helps to repair impaired kidney tissues and recover kidney function. When kidney function is improved, dialysis or kidney transplant can be delayed or even be avoided.

He is very surprised by the obvious and lasting curative effects of Chinese medicine treatments. He says that “If only I would have gone there early’. It is not too late now.

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