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Health Benefits Of Foot Bath To Chronic Nephritis Patients

2015-03-31 08:52

Health Benefits Of Foot Bath To Chronic Nephritis PatientsWhat are health benefits of foot bath to chronic nephritis patients? As we all know, after soaking your feet, nephritis patients will sleep well. Besides, foot bath can improve immunity. Foot bath has benefits to kidneys. Let’s see health benefits of foot bath to chronic nephritis patients.

Soaking feet before going to bed has benefits to your kidneys. This is because soaking your feet into warm water has regulating function to your organs. It can also build up your health effectively.

What should nephritis patients pay attention to?

1. Water should not be too hot and the water temperature is 40 centigrade. If water is too hot, blood vessels in feet are more likely to be expanded. Blood in your blood will flow to your lower limbs, which leads to insufficient blood to heart, brain and kidneys as well as other important organs. What’s more, high temperature will also cause dry cuticles.

2. Experts point out that children in their growth period, diabetes patients or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients had better not use hot water to soak their feet.

3. The time for soaking your feet should not be too long. It is proper for you to bathe your feet for 15-30 minutes. This is because during the course of foot bath, since blood circulation will speed up and heart rate is also quicker than normal, it will put burden on your heart if you take foot bath for a long time.

4. More blood will flow to your lower limbs. Weak people may feel dizziness due to insufficient blood to your brain.

5. It is not allowed to soak your feet after a meal half an hour later. After the meal, most blood will flow to digestive tract. If you bathe your feet after your meal immediately, blood which should flow to digestive tract begins to flow to lower limbs. Gradually this will affect the digestion and absorption, causing malnutrition.

6. The most suitable time for foot bath is 7-9 o’clock at night. At this time, massaging and soaking your feet can improve your whole body’s blood circulation, which is good for kidneys and liver.

What are health benefits of foot bath to nephritis patients. Through the above introduction, you have got some information. If you still have any doubts or question to kidney disease, you can consult our online doctor. The doctor will give you detailed analysis and answer according to your own medical conditions.

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