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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Mesangial Proliferation Glomerulonephritis Successfully

2014-10-02 06:06

Chinese Medicine Can Treat Mesangial Proliferation Glomerulonephritis SuccessfullyThe following is a typical case in which steroid therapy leads to repeated illness condition. If you have the same experience, we hope you should pay attention.

Patient’s information

Mr Cao experienced swelling on eyelids and lower limbs. Urine volume also began to decrease and gradually edema spread to the whole body. On his medical reports, it showed that urine protein is 3 plus, and occult blood is negative. He was diagnosed with acute glomerular nephritis. He undergone injection treatment but he had no improvement. With the development of the disease, it developed to mesangial proliferation glomerulonephritis. In this condition, he was given steroid therapy. However, once he reduced the dosage of steroids, whole body swelling occurred. So he gave up steroid therapy. To accept standard treatment, he came to our hospital.

Our doctor explained the reason why his disease relapses. His physician in charge made out a treatment plan according to his specific medical conditions.

First, unique oral taking Chinese Medicine is used.

This therapy aims to promote blood circulation to degrade collaterals to help remove stasis.

Second, hot compress therapy and foot bath as well as other Chinese medicine therapies.

These therapies can improve blood circulation, block renal damage progression to pave a good way for further treatment.

Third, three formular therapies

It aims to clear immune complexes depositing in the mesangial area, improve renal ischemia and anoxia, repair impaired kidney nephrons so as to alleviate illness conditions.

The key point of our Chinese medicine therapy is to improve the environment of kidneys by promoting circulation and removing stasis. This therapy is the radical treatment for kidney disease. It can protect renal function and treat the disease from the root.

A good doctor not only can cure disease but also make patients have a good knowledge about their own disease.

After more than 20 days’ treatment, all test levels go normal. Urine protein is negative and 24 hours of protein in urine is also brought to normal.

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