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Glomerulonephritis with Eyelid Swelling And Tea-colored Urine

2014-01-13 11:03

Glomerulonephritis is a disorder with inflammation of glomeruli which are basic functional units in kidneys.It is a progressive kidney disorder.With the gradual loss of renal function, a host of symptoms will appear.Eyelid swelling and tea-colored urine are two typical signs of glomerulonephritis. This article will introduce the treatment for glomerulonephritis with eyelid swelling and tea-colored urine.

Causes of eyelid swelling and tea-colored urine in glomerulonephritis

Every kidney is composed of hundreds of glomeruli.Glomeruli act like filters in kidneys.They can filter out waste products from blood and meanwhile keep what the body needs in blood. However,in glomerulonephritis,the glomeruli become inflamed and scarred,losing the normal filtering and barrier function.

Protein in urine is the major culprit of eyelid swelling in glomerulonephritis.Protein is a kind of small molecular substance and can not squeeze through the filters in kidneys normally. However,the glomeruli become leaky,resulting in leakage of protein red blood cells in urine.Protein in blood can hold fluid in blood vessels in right condition.When the protein becomes lost in urine, the reduced level of protein in blood can not hold the fluid in blood vessels normally.The fluid will infilter into subcutaneous tissue,especially the soft part.Hence,eyelid swelling will result in glomerulonephritis.Tea-colored urine results from loss of extra red blood cells in urine.

Treatment for glomerulonephritis with eyelid swelling and tea-colored urine

In conservative treatment,steroid and immunosuppressive drugs are commonly used to treat glomerulonephritis.These drugs can suppress the inflammatory response to relieve the symptoms to some extent.

However,to treat glomerulonephritis with eyelid swelling and tea-colored urine,Immunotherapy and Hot Compress Therap will be the recommended treatment methods.

Immunotherapy can correct the immune dysfunction and help the body rebuild the normal immune system.If so,the underlying cause of inflammatory response will be controlled fundamentally.

As for hot compress therapy, it is an externally applied therapy of Chinese herbal medicine.This therapy can improve renal function by repairing the impaired kidney tissues and cells. As the kidneys function better, the eyelid swelling and tea-colored urine in glomerulonephritis will be controlled fundamentally.

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