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Treatment for Glomerulonephritis with CKD Stage 4 And GFR 28

2013-12-12 16:32

Glomerulonephritis is a kidney disorder with inflammation and scarring of glomeruli.Glomeruli act as filters in kidneys and can filter out waste products from body.When glomeruli are damaged,renal function will decline.A person with CKD stage 4 with GFR 28 has very serious kidney damage.What is the treatment for glomerulonephritis with CKD stage 4 and GFR 28?

Glomerulonephritis with CKD stage 4 and GFR 28

Glomerulonephritis can be primary or secondary to other diseases and conditions.However,its general cause is abnormal immune response.In right condition,when outside pathogenic products invade into body,the immune system will be initiated to defeat them. After the harmful substances are eliminated from body, the immune system will cease working.

However,in some cases,the immune system can not work properly.After the pathogenic products are eliminated from body,the activity of immune system still continues.The excess activity of immune system will cause inflammation in kidneys. The inflammation may worsen renal function,resulting in gradual loss of renal function.In CKD stage 4 with GFR 28,the kidneys are impaired significantly with less blood filtered by kidneys.

Treatment for glomerulonephritis with CKD stage 4 and GFR 28

Steroids along with immunosuppressive agents are commonly used to treat glomerulonephritis.These drugs can suppress the inflammatory response in kidneys,thus relieving symptoms and slowing down renal function decline.However,they can not reverse kidney damage in CKD stage 4 and improve GFR 28.

As for treating glomerulonephritis with CKD stage 4 and GFR, immunotherapy and Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy are the recommended treatments.

Immunotherapy can suppress the excess activity of immune system and correct the immune dysfunction.The immune system will return to protect the body but not attack kidneys.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can improve renal function by repairing the impaired kidney tissues and cells. When kidneys function better, more blood will be filtered by kidneys. So current GFR 28 will be improved remarkably.

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