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Herbal Remedy for Glomerulonephritis

2013-10-12 16:26

Herbal remedy is becoming more and more popular worldwide to treat variety of aliments.It is very effective in treating glomerulonephritis.


Glomerulonephritis is featured with inflammation and scarring of glomeruli,tiny filters in kidneys.It is an immune-mediated disorder in which immune system attacks healthy kidney tissues by mistake.

Immune system is a protective system of the body and can protect the body against foreign harmful substances.However, glomerulonephritis,the immune system fails to work normally and can not distinguish the outside harmful stuffs from healthy body tissues.The abnormal immune response can cause the inflammation in kidneys.If the inflammation keeps going on,it will cause scarring of glomeruli.Eventually,kidneys will fail completely.

Herbal remedy for glomerulonephritis

There are thousands of herbs in the world.Based on different diseases,different kinds of herbs are applied.The herbal remedy can treat glomerulonephritis in the following ways.

-Suppress inflammation in kidneys

The herbs can suppress the inflammatory response in kidneys effectively in a rapid way.In this way,the immune damage to kidneys will be prevented.

-Correct immune dysfunction

The herbal remedy can correct the immune dysfunction and help the body recover normal immune system. If the immune system can recover normal function, it will not attack kidneys any longer. The inflammation in kidneys will be prevented completely and fundamentally.

-Enhance renal function

Herbs are tonic to kidney tissues and they can stimulate the self-regeneration of kidney tissues.If the impaired kidney tissues can be regenerated,the renal function will be enhanced.

After the above treatment,the patients with glomerulonephritis will have an overall improvement.The clinical improvements include:

-The clinical symptoms will be improved like fatigue,nausea,high blood pressure in a short time.

-In longe term,creatinine level will be lowered. GFR and renal function will be improved.

Herbal medicine is an effective and natural treatment for glomerulonephritis. It is free of side effects on body completely.

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