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Is Frequent Urination A Symptom Of Nephritis

2014-10-03 01:12

Is Frequent Urination A Symptom Of Nephritis Is frequent urination a symptom of nephritis? Nephritis is a serious inflammation, which affects either one or both of your kidneys. When kidneys are not working at 100%, many symptoms will occur. Well then does frequent urination occur with nephritis?

Yes, frequent urination is a symptom of nephritis.

Why does nephritis patients experience frequent urination?

If you are suffering from nephritis, your kidneys could get affected so that they may not be able to function in the right manner. Functions like reabsorption will be affected. Normally the excess fluid that leaks into kidney will be reabsorbed back to blood. The water that is reabsorbed by kidneys tubules accounts for more than 99% among the amount of fluid that leaks into kidney tubules. When you suffer from nephritis, the kidney structure can be damaged. Thus, most of the fluid that is leaked can not be reabsorbed back, so patients will have frequent urination.

Another reason of frequent urination is lots of activity in the daytime and less activity at night. In the daytime, people have relatively lots of activities, so body cells need large amount of water to metabolize. In this condition, much fluid will be excreted by sweating. So patients have less amount of urine. While, at night, people have less activity, so people do not sweat to excrete excess water or fluid in the body. Thus, patients will have more urine at night.

How to treat frequent urination at night?

The root cause of frequent urination is damaged kidneys by nephritis, so repairing damaged kidneys is the root solution for frequent urination. We recommend a natural and safe remedy to repair injured kidneys. This therapy is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. The active ingredients can come to the kidney lesions directly and also provide nutrients for kidney impairment. Gradually damaged kidneys can be restored and kidney function will also be enhanced.

As long as kidney damage is restored, its reabsorption ability will be recovered. Thus, frequent urination will be alleviated naturally.

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