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Does Chronic Nephritis Have Effects On Gestation

2014-09-04 09:12

Does Chronic Nephritis Have Effects On GestationDoes chronic nephritis affect gestation? This is associated with the severity of nephritis, disease course, severity of kidney damage and complication. Read through the article and you will find what you want to know.

I type of nephritis

This type of nephritis is also called proteinuria type. Patients only suffer from proteinuria and no hypertensive and have normal kidney function. Besides, the serum creatinine is less than 132.6mmol/L. Under this circumstance, nephritis has no great effect on the mother and infant. Pregnant women have few complications. Asphyxia incidence and death rate of the infants in the intrauterine is lower. On the contrary, live baby rate is up to 90%.

II type of nephritis

Type II nephritis is also called high blood pressure type and the main symptoms of this type is characterized by proteinuria and high blood pressure. In this stage, kidney function is normal. The higher blood pressure is, the higher risk pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome is. The perinatal mortality rate is also high.

Type III nephritis

This type nephritis is called azotemia type and is characterized by proteinuria, blood pressure and obvious kidney damage. Pregnant women has accumulated nitrogen, serum creatinine higher 132.6mmol/L. Besides, renal function deterioration is higher with progress in pregnancy. Abortion, and stillbirth rate becomes higher. Meanwhile, pregnancy women have more serious complications.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an effective therapy for chronic nephritis. This therapy is innovated by many years of clinical experiments and draws the essence of Chinese medicine. The main ingredients are on the basis of traditional Chinese herbs and have the functions of activating blood and removing stasis, balancing yin and yang and regulating the disorder of qi and blood, yin and yang so as to form an ingenious combination of four aspects including removing toxins, supporting healthy energy, repairing and rebuilding. Proved by massive clinical experiments, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for chronic nephritis. It has no side effects so it is safe for baby and pregnant women.

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