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Life Span of Chronic Glomerulonephritis

2014-01-27 13:34

Chronic glomerulonephritis is a kidney disorder in which glomeruli become inflamed and scarred. As renal function declines, the life span of chronic glomerulonephritis will shortened. What is the life span of chronic glomerulonephritis?

The life span of chronic glomerulonephritis is affected by a variety of factors like treatment, lifestyle, gender, age and so forth. Some factors can be controlled, but some can not be. If the controllable accelerating factors can be controlled, the life span of chronic glomerulonephritis will be prolonged remarkably.

How to prolong the life span of glomerulonephritis?

Control the primary causes

Glomerulonephritis can be secondary to a variety of diseases and conditions like Diabetes, lupus, purpura and so forth. Controlling the primary diseases and conditions can slow down renal function decline.

Treat the complications

As renal function declines in chronic glomerulonephritis, the high levels of toxins and waste products can affect multiple body organs and systems in body like heart, lung, and brain and so on. These complications can be very dangerous and even life-threatening.


Treatment plays the key role in affecting the life span of chronic glomerulonephritis. Immunosuppressive agents are the most commonly used medicines. However, they only can bring about a transient remission.

The root cause of chronic glomerulonephritis is immune disorder. Therefore, to control the disease fundamentally and prolong patients’ life span, Immunotherapy will be the recommended treatment.

Immunotherapy can correct the immune dysfunction and help the body rebuild normal immune system. If so, the disease will be controlled fundamentally without relapse any longer.

Further, Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can activate the self-repairing of kidney tissues and cells. If the kidney structure can be restored, renal function will be improved fundamentally and remarkably. The patients with chronic glomerulonephritis will live as long as the general population.

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