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What Diseases will Easily Cause Nephritis in Summers

2013-01-04 04:51

The human health and diseases have much to do with seasons and climates especially at the transition of seasons due to changes of temperature, humidity and pressure, etc. Then what are the diseases that will easily cause nephritis in summer and I will introduce 3 most common diseases so that people can have early and effective preventions for them and reduce the risk of these diseases and potential renal damages.

1. Diabetes can cause nephritis. In summer, people used to have more fruits and juices which contain a lot of sugar and will easily cause increase of blood sugar. What is more, diabetes patients sweat more in summers and this will cause diabetic coma or even kidney failure. Therefore diabetes patients should pay more attention to the sugar intake in daily diets and maintain normal water intake to make up loss of water in sweating.

2. Urinary tract infections can cause nephritis. In summers people love swimming and playing in the cool waters. However the sanitation in the swimming pool can not be guaranteed and it is easy to catch viruses which will enter the urinary tract and cause infections and finally lead to nephritis. This is especially common among the female and they have high incidence to have retrograde infections.

3. Lupus erythematosus can cause lupus nephritis. Lupus nephritis is very easy to relapse under the intense ultraviolet radiation in summers. And since female is more susceptible to lupus nephritis, therefore young females should try to avoid contacting with factors that can induce lupus such as sunlight or some certain foods.

We all know that kidney diseases are difficult is be cured and the recurrent rate is high, therefore patients should pay more attention in the daily life to avoid risk factors and lower its incidence.

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