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Less Water Intake Can Lead To Nephritis

2015-04-04 01:38

Less Water Intake Can Lead To NephritisWater is essential substance of human body. Recently a person is diagnosed with nephritis since he does not like to drink water. Well, what are the harms of less water intake?

Xiao Zhou hates drinking water too much although he knows It is good for him to drink more water. A few days ago, he felt sudden pain in his waist and had no urination all through the day. What’s worse, he suffered from fever. When he went to see a doctor, the doctor told him that he had kidney stone. After knowing his living habit, the root cause of his disease is his diet which focuses on high protein, high fat, high sodium, regular alcohol and less water intake.

The doctor explains that less water intake will lead to metabolic disorder. Toxins and wastes cannot be discharged out of the body if you follow a bad eating habit so waste substances will crystallize in kidneys. Without enough water, wastes will form stones-kidney stone.

What are harms of less water intake?

1. damage your kidneys

Kidneys are detoxification organs. If your body is lack of water, it easily causes much pressure on your kidneys, leading to toxic substances accumulating in your body. Your kidneys will be damaged by toxins.

2. constipation

When intestinal tract absorbs lots of water, constipation will occur. Once your body is lack of water, intestinal tract will absorb much water to supplement body fluid. In this condition, dry stool will occur.

3. cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

If your blood is lack of water, it will increase the blood viscosity, affecting blood circulation. You will feel nausea, dizziness and palpitation, resulting in various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

4. heart disease

Water insufficiency is important reason of arrhythmia. Low blood volume will cause palpitation, dizziness and fatigue as well as other medical conditions.

5. easily tired

Water deficiency will lead to decreased blood flow, and thus less oxygen will be transported to your body. This will affect muscle and nerve function and you will feel easily tired.

6. pain and other discomforts

Water deficiency for a long time will lead to headache, back pain and other discomforts.

In summary, enough water intake is very important for health. We hope the above information can help you a lot. Any question about kidney disease, you can leave a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com or consult our online doctor directly. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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