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Lettuce: Is It Proper For Nephritis Patients

2014-08-12 06:27

Lettuce: Is It Proper For Nephritis PatientsLettuce contains rich nicotinic acid which is thought to be activating agent of insulin. Diabetic patients can eat lettuce properly because it can improve the metabolic ability of sugar. Besides, lettuce is rich in potassium but less sodium content. Therefore, it is suitable for high blood pressure and heart disease patients. Besides, lettuce is beneficial for nephritis patients. This is because lettuce contains abundant inulin, which has function of calmness and sleep peacefully. Therefore, nephritis patients can eat lettuce.

However, diet limitation is a very bothering thing for nephritis patients. To get rid of diet taboos, you should cure nephritis. As for the treatment of nephritis, our hospital innovated characteristic Chinese Medicine treatment successfully. Chinese Medicine is a modern therapy which is different from dialysis and kidney transplantation.

Characteristic Chinese Medicine therapy includes Characteristic traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine osmosis therapy, enema therapy and acupuncture, etc. The active ingredients can come to the kidney lesion directly, eliminate immune complex and toxic substances completely, activate renal tissues as well as restore kidney function. This aims to treat nephritis from the root.

What advantages of characteristic Chinese medicine do on nephritis?

1. Safe and effective and no side effects

2. Improve blood microcirculation and boost immunity

3. Activate kidneys and detoxify. Degrade and reduce the amount of urea nitrogen in your body to expel toxins from your body via urine.

4. Active ingredients can come to the blood stream quickly. Therefore, in a short time, illness conditions can be controlled and it can make patients on dialysis stop dialysis at once.

5. Speed up blood circulation in kidneys and increase metabolism

6. Activate kidney tissues and restore kidney function

7. Resolve the current symptoms and eliminate the root cause of nephritis

Although lettuce can be eaten by nephritis patients, it can not solve the root problem of nephritis. In this condition, if you want to learn medical treatment, you can send us a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com. Our experts will give you suggestions as soon as possible.

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