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How to Diagnose Kidney Infections

2012-12-20 11:05

To make it simple, kidney infection is inflammation in the kidneys. It is one relatively serious renal disorder and will cause irreversible renal damages and progress into chronic renal failure if not treated timely.

Two of the most common infections in kidneys are glomerulonephritis and bacterial pyelonephritis. The former is infections in the renal glomeruli and the latter in in the renal pelvis.

Tests for diagnosing glomerulonephritis

·Urine routine test

Mild to moderate proteinuria

Hematuria and in most cases are persistent microscopic hematuria

·Blood test

Obvious increase of erythrocyte sedimentation rate


Decrease of plasma albumin

Serum C3 is normal

·Kidney function

Mild decline of creatinine clearance rate

Serum creatinine and BUN are normal in the early stage and they will increase gradually along with illness progression

·Imaging test

Abdominal X-ray and B ultrasound

Tests for diagnosing pyelonephritis

·Urine routine test

Urine protein is usually small amount and it is not this disease if 24-h urine protein is more than 3.0g;

There is small amount of red blood cells and white blood cells in urinary sediment examination

·Urine culture

This can help distinguish with urocystitis.

·Kidney function

Urine excretion of sodium and potassium will increase;

Metabolic acidosis

Increase of serum creatinine and BUN

·Imaging tests

X-ray and B ultrasound

In case of the following symptoms, the above mentioned tests and examinations are suggested such as vomiting, high fever, upper back pain, sense of urinary urgency, difficulty in urination, urinary pain, cloudy or even bloody urine, etc.

Treatments for infections in kidneys

In case of kidney infections, patients should stop strenuous work and have adequate good rest. Antibiotics will be prescribed by the doctors. In daily diets, limit the intake of protein, salt and fat, have more water, fresh vegetables and fruits.

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