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What Symptoms We May Experience with Medullary Sponge Kidney

2012-10-26 09:25

Medullary Sponge Kidney, generally is shorted as MSK, is a kind of congenital abnormality of kidney. In many cases, it causes no kidney damages, but with MSK, patients suffer from the following symptoms easily.

Symptom one: kidney stone

Kidneys are responsible for excreting wastes, however, because of renal abnormality, wastes may not be discharged fully, as a result of which, kidney stone is formed easily. For people with MSK, kidney stone occurs more easily when they hit their 40 or 50. Besides, according to clinical study, compared with normal people, MSK patients are 1.5 times likely to suffer from kidney stone.

Symptom two: repeated urinary tract infection

People with MSK may found they catch urinary tract infection easily. Actually, not only MSK patients, people with other kinds of renal abnormality like horseshoe and duplicated kidney are also suffer from urinary tract infection frequently.

Symptom three: back pain

For MSK patients, back pain occurs easily when there are kidney stones and infection. Therefore, if MSK patients found they have frequently back pain, they need to go to hospital to found out whether there are kidney stone or kidney infection.

Symptom four: repeated blood urine

Blood urine is another potential symptom of MSK and long-term blood urine causes anemia easily. Mostly, people with MSK have microscopic blood urine, but in some cases, gross hematuria may occur.

MSK usually causes no kidney damages, but if patients do not pay enough more attention, kidney damages will be caused. With decreased kidney function, MSK patients will experience more symptoms like proteinuria, fatigue, reduced urine and dizziness and so on. Therefore, to prevent worse condition, regularly test about MSK is necessary.

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