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Spongy Kidneys With Increased Blood Pressure

2013-05-13 09:56

Spongy kidney is also called medullary sponge kidney (MSK) and it is a common renal cystic disease which is characterized by multiple renal cysts in the renal medulla. Normal renal medullary tissues will be affected and renal functions will be gradually lost.

Spongy kidneys is a congenital and benign disease and it is a slowly progressive kidney disease. Though there will be decline in GFR (glomerular filtration rate), spongy kidneys usually will not progress into end stage renal failure.

Of cause, some patients will develop into the ESRD especially if they have high blood pressure, therefore early and effective control of high blood pressure is very important. If left untreated, high blood pressure will in turn worsen renal functions. Well control of high blood pressure within safe level can help slow down illness progression, reduce potential renal damages and protect residual kidney functions.

If spongy kidney patients begin to have elevated blood pressure, it often indicated that their kidney functions are damaged, therefore it is necessary to have a kidney function test to see how is kidney functions affected. If kidney functions have been damaged, it is necessary to seek effective ways to protect the residual kidney function because simply controlling blood pressure with drugs and medications can not control the high blood pressure if the root problem is not solved.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been proved to be effective at treating medullary sponge kidney and other renal cystic diseases. Active ingredients in Chinese medicines can help eliminate blood stasis and promote blood circulation so as to greatly relieve ischemia and hypoxia states in the kidneys, therefore high pressure, high perfusion and high filtration can be eased. What is more important, this osmosis therapy can help shrink the renal cysts in the medulla so as to prevent further renal damages. Active ingredients in the medicines can also help repair renal damages so as to promote renal functions and improve the patient’s illness conditions from the very root.

Besides high blood pressure, spongy kidney will cause other symptoms such as recurrent stones in the kidneys and urinary tract, urinary tract infections, dark or brown urine, back pains, renal colic, etc. All these symptoms and discomforts can be relieved after the application of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy with the progressive improvement of kidney functions.

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