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What Are Complications Of Membranous Nephropathy

2015-09-20 09:04

What Are Complications Of Membranous NephropathyWhat are common complications of membranous nephropathy? How to prevent the occurrence of membranous nephropathy? What should I do once I suffer from it? Due to glomerular lesion, most patients have massive proteinuria, causing hypoproteinemia, severe edema and hyperlipidaemia. Under this condition, some complications are easy to occur.

1. Infection

Since lots of immune globulin is lost from the urine, some patients take immunosuppressor for a long time and their organism resistivity decreases obviously. Infection is easy to occur at this time like upper respiratory tract infection, pulmonary infection and gastrointestinal tract infection. If patients have obvious swelling, the skin is prone to burst. Thus, skin infection may occur.

In daily life, membranous nephropathy patients need to prevent infection, avoid tiredness and eating dirty foods.

2. Blood clots and embolism complication

Membranous nephropathy patients tend to suffer from blood clots and embolism complications. The reasons include decreased plasma colloid osmotic pressure and hemoconcentration caused by serious hypoproteinemia, hyperlipidaemia and excessive diuresis.

If patients suffer from hypercoagulability, they are usually prescribed anticoagulation and antiplatelet drugs like lower molecular heparin and aspirin. Moreover, they can also take exercise moderately like walking.

3. Acute kidney dysfunction

Due to severe edema, hypoproteinemia and effective blood volume insufficiency, this can cause declined renal perfusion. Some patients take hypotensive medications improperly and have excessive diuresis, causing further decline of glomerular filtration rate. Acute kidney dysfunction may occur.

Therefore, membranous nephropathy patients need to check kidney function regularly. Once kidney dysfunction occurs, you should take a treatment to eliminate the risks for kidney dysfunction.

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