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Can I Get Pregnant with Membranous Nephropathy

2013-09-02 16:40

Can I Get Pregnant with Membranous NephropathyCan I get pregnant with membranous nephropathy? This is a big concerned issue for young couple. However, there is no a fast answer to the question as it is affected by many factors.

Dangers of getting pregnant in membranous nephropathy

When you are diagnosed with membranous nephropathy, a large amount of immunosupressive agents and hormones will be prescribed. These side effects of these medications may affect the development of the fetus.

In addition, after you become pregnant, the blood volume will increase, which can cause overload on kidneys. In serious case, it can cause kidneys to develop rapidly.

While the patients with membranous nephropathy may face dangers when getting pregnant, many of them still can have a successful pregnancy. If they can treat their disease effectively and keep their condition stable, they will be able to have a baby safely.

However,immunosuppressive agents and hormones alone can not treat membranous fundamentally.The patients still have to experience frequent relapses and progressive renal function. How to treat membranous nephropathy effectively from its underlying cause?

Membranous nephropathy is an immune-medicated disorder with a large amount of immune complexes in kidneys and blood. If these immune complexes can not be eliminated,the disease will relapse if there is a triggering factor.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended to treat membranous nephropathy.It is a plant-based therapy without causing any side effects on your body.This therapy can degrade the large immune complexes in blood and then the degraded immune complexes will be discharged out of body by kidneys.In this way, the triggering factor of inflammation in kidneys will be eliminated completely.Moreover,the effective medicines can correct the immune dysfunction and help the body recover its self-healing ability.Thereby,the abnormal immune system will be corrected and the renal function will have an improvement. Once membranous nephropathy is controlled fundamentally, you will be able to get pregnant safely and successfully.

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