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Advice on Facial Swelling Due To Lupus

2015-08-24 07:59

Advice on Facial Swelling Due To LupusDoes Lupus Nephritis cause swelling on face? Lupus is a systemic disease that may affect various systems and cause various symptoms. Therefore, once feel any discomforts or there is abnormal in the body, patients will wonder if it is related with lupus. Well, can lupus cause facial swelling? If yes, how?

How does lupus cause facial swelling?

Similar with other kinds of kidney disease, it progresses to kidney failure if not treated effectively and timely. Facial swelling is one of the visible symptoms of lupus nephritis and occurs easily when kidneys fail to discharge excess fluid and sodium in the body.

Advice on facial swelling due to lupus

1. Manage blood pressure and blood sugar effectively

Though high blood pressure and blood sugar are not the root cause for lupus patients to develop kidney problem, if they are not managed into the normal range, further kidney damages will be caused, which will worsen facial swelling.

2. Follow a proper diet

Improper diet will make lupus nephritis progress to kidney failure stage. Due to this reason, it is necessary for patients to consult the dietitian about the proper protein intake, salt intake, phosphorus intake and potassium intake. What’s more, too much salt intake will worsen facial swelling so remember to add less salt while cooking.

3. Restrict fluid intake

Damaged kidneys fail to discharge excessive fluid in the body so drinking too much water will cause further retention of fluid, leading to aggravation of facial swelling.

4. Repair injured kidney intrinsic cells and protect residual kidney function

This is the radical solution for facial swelling in lupus. Here Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is highly recommended. It can not only repair damaged kidney intrinsic cells but also strengthen residual kidney tissues and avoid further kidney damage.

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