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Can Lupus Patients Reduce Their Creatinine Levels

2014-07-26 09:18

Can Lupus Patients Reduce Their Creatinine LevelsWhen lupus begins to attack your kidneys, kidney inflammation occurs, which over time can develop kidney function impairment. As long as the kidney function is less than 50 %, creatinine level begins to increase quickly. Can lupus patients reduce their creatinine levels? The answer is obvious. With treatment, elevated creatinine level can be brought under control.


Because creatinine is the waste product of protein metabolism, so you had better restrict the intake of protein, but it does not mean you should avoid protein, because protein is an important component of body. The acceptable daily intake of protein depends on your kidney function. High quality protein can provide more nutrients, while producing less waste, so it is preferred. Besides, you should add food high in calcium, vitamins and calory into your diet.


When your muscles contract, creatine will be broken into creatinine, so to reduce creatinine level, you had better avoid strenuous exercise. But the advantages of doing gentle exercises far outweigh its disadvantages.

To control symptoms

To control symptoms is also helpful in reducing their creatinine levels. Besides, ketosteril and rheum officinale are often used to lower creatinine level.


The above measures can help you lower creatinine level to certain extent, but they can not solve the problem from the root. Once you pay less attention, creatinine level increase again. Only when your kidney function improves can you consolidate the curative effect. Because lupus is an immune disease. To reduce its damage, you should regulate abnormal your immune system. Immunotherapy is such a therapy that can repair the damaged kidneys via correcting the immune system. There are some other adjunctive therapies to help you recover kidney function, such as medicated bath, moxibustion, and circle therapy.

The earlier treatment you can receive, the more kidney function you can regain. With the help of online doctor, you can obtain more information.

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