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Treatment for Lupus Nephritis Stage 3 and Anemia

2014-02-08 17:33

Lupus Nephritis is secondary to SLE and it is featured with inflammation of glomeruli. A person with stage 3 Lupus Nephritis has moderated kidney damage. In this stage, around half of glomeruli become damaged and a host of symptoms start to appear like anemia. What is the treatment for lupus nephritis stage 3 and anemia?

How do lupus Nephritis stage 3 and anemia occur?

SLE is an autoimmune disorder which can involve multiple body organs and systems. Immune system is a protective system of our body and it can produce antibodies to fight against foreign harmful substances. However, in autoimmune disorder, the immune system fails to function normally. After the foreign substances are eliminated, the immune system still does not stop working. As a result, excessive antibodies will be produced. These antibodies can deposit in different parts of the body, leading to inflammation in different body parts.

The antibodies can deposit in kidneys, resulting in inflammation of kidneys. The inflammation may impair kidneys, resulting in progressive renal function decline.

Healthy kidneys can produce EPO, a kind of hormone which can stimulate the production of red blood cells. However, when lupus nephritis stage 3, the diseased kidneys fail to perform the function normally. As a result, less red blood cells are made, thus leading to anemia in lupus nephritis stage 3.

Treatment for lupus nephritis stage 3 and anemia

To control lupus nephritis stage 3 and anemia effectively, the following treatment goals should be attained.

 Rebuild normal immune system and retrieve it to protect the body.

Suppress the inflammation of kidneys and preserve residual renal function.

Eliminate the immune complexes in kidney and clear away the inflammatory factors in blood.

Regenerate the impaired kidney tissues and cells to enhance renal function.

If the above treatment goals can be attained, lupus nephritis stage 3 with anemia will be controlled fundamentally.

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