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Lupus Nephritis with Proteinuria,Hematuria&Increased Night Urination

2014-01-14 16:49

Lupus nephritis is one of serious complications of lupus.Around 60% of lupus patients will have kidney involvement.As kidneys fail to function adequately,a host of symptoms will appear. Proteinuria,hematuria,and increased night urination are three common signs of lupus nephritis.

Glomeruli are the basic functional units in kidneys.In right condition,they can filter out waste products from body.Useful substances can not pass through the holes on glomeruli so will be preserved in blood.

However,in Lupus Nephritis,immune system attacks kidneys by mistakes,thus resulting in inflammation of kidneys.The inflammation may worsen renal function,causing scarring of kidney tissues.

When the glomeruli are impaired,the barrier function of the kidneys will be impaired.Protein and red blood cells will pass through kidneys,ending up in urine.Proteinuria and hematuria will result in lupus nephritis.

Increased night urination results from damage to renal tubule. When primary urine flows through renal tubule,the useful substances and certain amount of fluid will be reabsorbed there. However,if renal tubule is impaired, the fluid can not be absorbed. As a result, high levels of fluid will be eliminated from body, thus leading to increased night urination.

As proteinuria,hematuria and increased night urination in lupus nephritis result from damage to kidney structure,to control them fundamentally,treatments should be used to repair the impaired kidney structure.

Hot Compress Therapy is an effective treatment for lupus nephritis.It is a natural therapy based of traditional Chinese herbal medicine.As no chemical drugs are contained in the therapy, the therapy is free of adverse effects on body.

Hot compress therapy can activate the self-healing system of the body and stimulate the releasing of growing factors in body. When the impaired kidney tissues and cells are repaired, renal function will be enhanced remarkably and completely. So proteinuria, hematuria and increased night urination will be controlled fundamentally.

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