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Lupus with CKD:How to Lower High Creatinine

2014-01-14 11:00

A person with lupus left a message on our website. If you have the similar condition,this article will help you.How to lower high creatinine in lupus with CKD?

“Hello. I am a lupus patient as well as CKD.My doctor said my creatinine counts increased and it's not good.I don't want to undergo a dialysis and they don't required yet but I don't want it to happen someday.So what should I do to lower my creatinine?”

To lower high creatinine in lupus CKD,you need firstly to know how lupus impairs your kidneys and how creatinine increases.

Immune system is a powerful protective system of the body.It can keep our body healthy by defeating the outside pathogenic substances.With lupus,the body’s immune system targets its own body tissues.Lupus Nephritis happens when lupus involves the kidneys.Up to 60% of lupus patients will develop lupus nephritis. Without aggressive treatment, lupus CKD will result.

As the diseased kidneys fail to filter out creatinine from body adequately, high levels of creatinine will build up in blood.

After the cause of high creatinine in lupus CKD is confirmed, you will know how to lower high creatinine now.

The frist treatment step is to stop the further worsening of renal function and creatinine increasing.Inhibiting the abnormal immune activity and immune response in kidneys.Immunotherapy will be applied in this treatment part. It can correct the immune dysfunction to recover the protective function of the immune system.

To lower high creatinine in lupus CKD,the underlying treatment goal is to restore the impaired kidney tissues and cells to enhance renal function.Hot Compress Therapy will be used in this treatment process.It can activate the self-healing system of the body to regenerate healthy kidney tissues and cells.When the kidney structure is restored, renal function will be improved remarkably. Hence, high creatinine level in lupus CKD will be lowered fundamentally.

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