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Diet for People with Lupus And Kidney Issue

2013-10-30 11:40

Diet for People with Lupus And Kidney IssueLupus is an autoimmune disease,in which the immune system which protects the body from disease fails to function properly. As a result,the immune system turns against the body,leading to harm to body organs and tissues.Kidney is a very vulnerable organ in lupus.What is a proper diet for people with lupus and kidney issue?

Lupus and kidney issue

As mentioned above,immune system is a powerful protective system in body and it can protect the body against diseases. However,in autoimmune disease,it fails to function properly and attacks kidneys by mistakes.

Kidney damage from lupus can be mild or severe.It can cause damage to the filtering units of the kidney.Since these filtering units units clear your blood of waste,damage to them can cause your kidneys not to function properly.As a result,a number of symptoms and discomforts will occur.If left untreated or treated ineffectively,Kidney Failure will be the final result.

Diet for lupus and kidney issue

Diet plays a vital role in treating lupus with kidney issue.The diet plan is as follows:

-The patients should add more high-quality protein and vitamins. Meanwhile,high-fat and high-cholesterol foods should be reduced in the daily diet.The good sources of high-quality protein include milk,eggs,lean meat,fish etc.Vitamin B and vitamin C are beneficial for people with lupus and issue.

Low-sugar foods

The patients with lupus and kidney issue take steroids over time. It is very likely to cause steroid Diabetes.Therefore,the patients should control the sugar intake and eat less high-sugar foods.

Foods which can enhance light sensitivity

The patients with lupus and kidney issue are very sensitive to light.Exposure to light can cause the relapse of lupus. Therefore, the patients should avoid eating goods which can enhance light sensitivity.

The above is the diet for people with lupus and kidney issue. For more detailed information about the diet, you can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com .

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