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How to Improve Low GFR in Lupus

2013-09-25 16:51

How to Improve Low GFR in LupusGFR measures how much blood is filtered by kidneys each minute and it is an important index in reflecting how well your kidneys are functioning.Low GFR results from reduced renal function. How to improve low GFR in lupus?

Low GFR in lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune disorder,in which the human immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal body tissues and cells mistakenly.The hyperactive immune response can cause inflammation of various body tissues and cells.When the kidney tissues become inflamed,it will cause progressive renal function decline.As a result,less fluid is filtered by kidneys, thus resulting in low GFR in lupus.

If GFR is lower than normal, high levels of wastes and fluid will build up in body.Therefore, the lupus patients with low GFR will experience a host of discomforts and symptoms like high blood pressure, swelling, fatigue, bone disease etc.How to improve low GFR in lupus becomes a major concerned issue for the patients.

How to improve low GFR in lupus?

To improve GFR in lupus,the first treatment step is to stop renal function from worsening.As mentioned above,the inflammation is the culprit of kidney damage.To suppress the inflammation in kidneys and correct immune dysfunction, Immunotherapy is prescribed in this treatment process.If the hyperactive immune response is prevented, no inflammation will occur.

Another important treatment goal is to restore the impaired kidney tissues and enhance renal function.If the renal blood vessel permeability can be reduced and the barrier function of kidneys can be improved,no protein will leak into urine. However,there is no such a treatment which can restore impaired kidney tissues in traditional western medicine.Chinese medicine can activate the self-healing system in body to regenerate the impaired kidney tissues.In this way,the kidneys will work more efficiently to filter blood and GFR will be improved fundamentally.

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