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How to Lower High Creatinine in Stage 4 Lupus Nephritis

2013-08-27 15:54

Lupus nephritis is one of the most serious complications of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).As renal function declines progressively, creatinine level will rise gradually.In stage 4 lupus nephritis, creatinine will increase pretty high as the the kidneys are damaged very seriously.How to lower high creatinine in stage 4 lupus nephritis?

Stage 4 lupus nephritis with high creatinine

Stage 4 lupus nephritis is also called diffuse proliferative Lupus Nephritis.It is both the most severe, and the most common subtype,in which more than half of glomeruli,the filters in kidneys, are involved.As the filters are impaired,the wastes can not be filtered out body adequately,thus resulting in high creatinine level.

In clinic, hematuria and proteinuria are present, frequently with Nephrotic Syndrome and high blood pressure. In return, these conditions can worsen renal function decline significantly and raise creatinine rapidly.

How to lower high creatinine in stage 4 lupus nephritis?

As mentioned above,high creatinine results from the impaired glomeruli and reduced secretory ability of kidneys. Therefore, to lower high creatinine in stage 4 lupus nephritis, the treatment goals should include controlling the causes of renal function decline and enhance renal function to make kidneys work more efficiently.

However,there is no such a treatment to lower high creatinine in stage 4 lupus nephritis in western medicine. To achieve the above treatment goals,the combined treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and immunotherapy are recommended to the patients.

Immunotherapy can suppress the inflammation in kidneys and stop further damage to kidneys. Thereby, it can stop the creatinine from increasing further.

As for traditional Chinese medicine, it can help the body recover the self-healing ability and create a favorable environment for the self-regeneration of impaired filters. As a result,the renal function will be improved and more wastes will be filtered out of body and creatinine will be lowered completely.

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