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Top 5 Symptoms of Lupus Nephritis

2014-07-31 07:16

Top 5 Symptoms of Lupus NephritisLupus Nephritis refers to kidney problem based on lupus which is a typical autoimmune illness. Lupus Nephritis patients are more likely to suffer from skin rash, and when their kidney function is impaired, apart from skin problem, they will experience many other symptoms. Here, in this article, we will introduce the top 5 symptoms of Lupus Nephritis.

Top 5 symptoms of Lupus Nephritis go as follow:

1. Foamy urine

Foamy urine is the manifestation of proteinuria which refers to the presence of excess protein in urine. In normal cases, no protein can be detected through routine urine test, but for Lupus Nephritis, if they do urine test, test report will show positive.

2. Blood urine

Blood urine is another visible symptom of Lupus Nephritis. Blood urine is diagnosed when there are excess red blood cells in urine and the severity of it is proportional to severity of kidney damage.

3. Swelling

In some cases, Lupus Nephritis presents as Nephrotic Syndrome which can cause serious swelling. In early stage, swelling only appears in face, eyelid and lower limbs. Under such a condition, if illness can not be controlled tightly, it will spread to the whole body.

4. High blood pressure

High blood pressure is a also a symptom of Lupus Nephritis. Although it appears due to impairment of kidney function, if not brought into the normal range, it will cause further kidney damages.

5. Tiredness

Once being affected by Lupus Nephritis, patients may find they become tired easily.

Lupus Nephritis is a kidney problem caused by lupus, but when it develops to end stage, all the organs or body systems might be involved, so learning what symptoms they may experience is very important for patients to make preparation in advance. Besides, all these symptoms are related with kidney damages, so when kidney function is improved, they will be alleviated successfully.

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