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Can Lupus Nephritis Cause High Diastolic Blood Pressure

2014-04-18 07:27

Can Lupus Nephritis Cause High Diastolic Blood PressureCan Lupus Nephritis lead to high diastolic blood pressure? As for this question, the following will help you find the reason.

First, how does lupus affect kidney system?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can affect almost your body organ, like joints, skin, kidneys, lungs, blood, or brain. Your two kidneys are part of your renal system. As the primary organs of the renal system, your kidneys have the functions below:

1. Maintaining the correct amount and type of body fluids.

2. Removing wastes and toxins.

3. Regulate the hormones that help blood pressure and blood volume.

Lupus nephritis is the term used when lupus causes inflammation in your kidneys, making them unable to properly help blood pressure and dispose wastes.

Second, what does a high diastolic blood pressure mean?

The diastolic blood pressure number indicates the in the arteries when the heart rest between beats.

The normal diastolic blood pressure number is less than 80.

A diastolic blood pressure between 80 and 89 is prehypertension.

A diastolic blood pressure of 90 or higher is called to be hypertension or high blood pressure.

Third, how does lupus nephritis cause high diastolic blood pressure?

As mentioned above, kidneys have the function of keeping electrolytes balance and regulating blood pressure. Once kidneys are damaged, they fail to maintain normal blood pressure. The exact factors below can cause a high diastolic blood pressure.

1. Fluid and sodium retention in blood.

Renal hypertension is mostly related with fluid and sodium retention.

2. Less blood flow

Lupus Nephritis will lead to damages on kidney filters, also known as glomeruli. Then, less blood flows into kidneys.

3. Hormones disorders

Injured kidneys fail to produce enough renin and angiotensin. In this case, high blood pressure can occur.

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