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Can People With Lupus Eat Lobster

2014-05-06 07:59

Can People With Lupus Eat LobsterIt is important to eat foods that can help with lupus because you need to focus on foods that target the wellness of your immune system. A proper diet is one area that you can control your lupus. Lobster is one of the most popular and common seafood that we know. However, just a few of them know the health benefits of eating lobster seafoods on lupus patients.

Lupus symptoms seem to be alleviated when eating lobster due to the following benefits.

1. Boost immune system

Lobsters are rich in selenium content which helps increase the body’s immune system naturally. Immune system is very important for the prevention of different diseases. Lupus tends to be suffered by weakened autoimmune systems people, so consuming lobster moderately to boost immune system reduces the risk for lupus.

2. Maintain a healthy heart

Having a high omega-3 fatty helps alleviate lupus symptoms to give benefits for the maintenance of a healthy heart. Lobster is such a food with rich omega-3 nutrients. If a person with lupus has heart related problems such as heart attack, stroke, he can consume lobsters properly.

3. Various minerals in lobster

Lobster contains large amounts of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc. There minerals aid in bone health, cell function, glucose regulation and energy production. All these alleviate patients’ lupus symptoms.

4. High amount of phosphorus

The high amount of phosphorus present in lobster helps in the proper functioning of the kidney and reduce arthritis pain.

5. Low in cholesterol

Lobster are low in cholesterol, and therefore, they aid in maintaining triglyceride levels in the body and keep the heart healthy.

Lobster is an exactly proper diet for patients with lupus. All the above benefits of lobsters are able to ease lupus symptoms. Of course, if you eat too much or too less, the effects are both not so good. Thus, before eating lobster, you had better consult a renal dietitian to make a reasonable diet plan for you.

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