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Specific Diet For Lupus Nephritis

2013-08-27 16:10

Lupus nephritis is a kind of immune-medicated nephritis caused by the kidney damage of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). For patients with lupus nephritis, they have to pay attention to their daily diet. Diet is very important for them to control and prevent the development of the disease. Thus, patients have to know a specific diet. That is to say, they have to know what food they can eat and what food they can not eat.

For patients with lupus nephritis, they can eat the foods as following.

* Eat the foods with high quality protein, such as egg white, lean meat and milk and so on. Because for patients with lupus nephritis, lots of protein is leaked into urine, leading to hypoproteinemia. Thus these people need to ingest enough high quality protein.Specific Diet For Lupus Nephritis

* Eat the foods with low salt. Impaired kidney can cause water and sodium retention, leading to edema. The main chemical composition of salt is sodium. If you eat the foods with high salt, you will experience more severe edema.

* Eat the vegetables and fruits with rich vitamins. Glucocorticoid is a main drug to treat lupus nephritis. It can effectively improve the symptom and prognosis of the disease. But it has side effect it patients take this medicine for a long time, like osteoporosis. So patients have to ingest enough calcium to prevent osteoporosis.

* Eat the food with low fat. Patients with lupus nephritis have less activity, so they have poor digestion. They can eat some digestible foods.

For patients with lupus nephritis, they have to avoid the foods as following.

* Avoid eating seafood. Many lupus nephritis patients have allergic phenomenon when they eat these seafoods. This is because most of patients have high allergic constitution, eating seafoods can induce or worsen illness condition.

* Avoid eating mutton, dog meat, vension and longan. These foods have warm nature. For patients with lupus nephritis, they are yin deficiency heat, so they will have a more serious internal heat symptom after eating these foods.

* Avoid the foods which can cause light sensitiveness, such as caraway, celery, fig, rape, etc. This kind food can damage patient’s faeial erythema, leading to the illness condition worsened.

* Avoid spicy food, like pepper, raw onion and garlic. These foods can worsen the symptom of internal thermal.

* Give up smoking and drinking.

These are some specific diets for patients with lupus nephritis. If they know what foods they can eat and what food they can not eat, they will be easy to control the development of lupus nephritis. If you want to know more about the specific diets, you can get in touch with our online experts.

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