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How Does Lupus Cause Damage To The Kidneys

2015-01-20 01:59

How Does Lupus Cause Damage To The KidneysHow does lupus cause damage to the kidneys? Lupus is a short name for a disease called Lupus Erythematosus. It is called an “autoimmune” disease because the immune system which usually protects the body from disease, turn against the body, causing harm to organs and tissues including the skin, heart, lungs, joints, nervous system, blood vessels and kidneys.

What are symptoms of lupus?

Different people get different symptoms. These may include skin rashes, joint pain, hair loss, sun sensitivity, tiredness, weight loss, fever, swelling, chest pain and nerve involvement.

How does lupus harm the kidneys?

The kidneys are particularly vulnerable for people with lupus. Varying degrees of inflammation caused by the disease can result in lupus nephritis and even kidney failure.

Lupus nephritis is a term for kidney disease that occurs in SLE patients. With this disease, kidneys’ tiny filters are damaged and then causing a loss of kidney function. This may lead to fluid retention with weight gain and swelling, called edema. Besides edema, there are very few signs or symptoms. Lupus nephritis does not lead to pain in the abdomen or back, or burning during urination.

What is current treatment for lupus?

Because lupus is a disease caused by overactivity of the body’s immune system, reducing the activity of the immune system can reduce the activity of lupus, so immunosuppressant drugs are used in Lupus. However, all the immunosuppressant drugs used in lupus have side effects, and people require long time treatment. Lupus cannot be cured, so there is a risk of the disease coming back when the treatment is stopped or drug dosage is reduced.

In such circumstance, to stop the recurrent lupus, we use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine. The medicines have functions of dilating blood vessels to increase blood flow in the kidneys, cleaning the toxins to stop ultra immune response, promoting blood circulation to remove blood clots and degrading extra cellular matrix to block the renal fibrosis process.

Compared with immunosuppressant drugs, Chinese medicines can not only alleviate symptoms but also stop kidney damage as well as improve renal function. If you want to learn more information our lupus, you can contact our online doctor directly or leave us a message below.

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Our Treatment Effect

This patient has leg wound from Lupus Nephritis

Move the mouse to enlarge the picture This patient has leg wound from Lupus Nephritis

He got no good treatment in his country. In order to get better treatment, he came to our hospital for Chinese medicine treatments. After a period of our treatment, his wound is healed. You can look at the picture above.

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