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Can Type 1 Diabetes Cause Lupus Nephritis Stage 4

2014-06-03 02:40

Can Type 1 Diabetes Cause Lupus Nephritis Stage 4Can type 1 diabetes lead to lupus nephritis (LN)? Actually there is a common link when a patient has both diabetes type 1 and LN. In this article, I will tell you the corelation between diabetes and lupus nephritis.

How does Type 1 Diabetes Lead to Lupus Nephritis?

Type 1 diabetes, or insulin-reliant diabetes, is an autoimmune disorder. The beta cells on pancreas are main insulin-producing cells. When type 1 diabetes occurs, some antibodies are produced to target the beta cells, thus leading to insufficient in producing insulin and regulating blood sugar level.

We know lupus nephritis is also an autoimmune disease. Just now I have talked about diabetes which is an immune system disorder. In this case, when the immune system become disordered, it fails to protect the body from invaders such as bacteria, harmful substances and toxins. Also the body creates antibodies which attack its own tissues. Type 1 diabetes patients have immune disorders in themselves, and may be at a risk of developing other autoimmune disease and lupus nephritis.

How to cure type 1 diabetes to reduce the risk of suffering from lupus nephritis?

In our hospital we apply a systematic therapy to treat type 1 diabetes from its immune basis and correcting the immune disorders. Immunotherapy is a systematic remedy which includes six steps to regulate immune disorders. The six steps are immune diagnosis, immune tolerance, immune clearance, immune blockage, immune adjustment and immune protection. Besides, immunotherapy includes medicines for stopping immune attack and protecting the beta cells. Immunotherapy is the right and effective therapy to treat immune disorder disease like type 1 diabetes and lupus nephritis.

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