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How to Treat Shrinking Kidneys

2012-12-01 09:42

Shrinking kidneys indicate that the kidneys are reducing in size which usually accompanies gradual deterioration of the kidneys. Normally, the size of a healthy individual’s kidney is 8 -11cm in length, 5.5-7cm in width, and 4-5cm in thickness. Diminishing size of the kidneys is caused by scarring or sclerosis of glomerular and tubular cells. Shrinking kidneys should be treated from progressing; further worsening will continue to reduce kidney sizes to the point kidney function is lost completely.

What is the treatment for shrinking kidneys? Control the risk factors that could deteriorate the illness conditions. Blood pressure management helps to reduce glomerular filtration pressure and slow kidney deteriorate. Hypertension is an independent cause of Chronic Kidney Failure. Poorly controlled blood pressure will not only damage renal blood vessels, but also increase one’s chance of cardiovascular diseases. People with Diabetes should control their blood glucose which delays damage on their kidneys.

Why kidneys are shrinking? Normally the kidneys are made up of millions of functioning units (nephrons). Blood infused to kidneys are filtered by nephrons to expel toxins into urine. Shrinking kidneys doesn’t happen in early course of kidney disease. If kidney deteriorates, the nephrons in kidneys are gradually scarred; when this progresses, kidneys have less functioning cells, which will be manifested as shrinking kidneys.

The treatment for shrinking kidneys focuses on improving the damaged kidneys and preventing further renal sclerosis. Chinese medicine treatment with plenty of nutritive substances and materials resist renal inflammation, accelerate blood and nutrient supplement, and detoxicate the kidneys, thus helping the improvement of damaged kidneys and stops further shrinking of the kidneys. Chinese medicine treatment is included into natural treatment methods, one of the ancient treatment methods in the world but now has been included and studied under modern medicine science.

Shrinking kidneys is always a warning sign. After it is diagnosed, it is necessary to take proper treatment into consideration and make necessary dietary adjustments to help their condition.

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