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Here Is The Secrete Of No Recurrence In Kidney Failure

2016-06-16 02:51

Here Is The Secrete Of No Recurrence In Kidney FailureHow to avoid relapse of kidney failure? Here will give you the answer. A healthy diet and comfortable life environment contribute to no relapse of kidney failure.

What causes kidney failure?

There are two reasons. One is bad dietary habit and the other is uncomfortable environment.

Bad dietary habit refers to overnutrition, which can cause excessive oxidative stress reaction and produce lots of oxygen free radicals. In this condition, blood will be polluted.

Uncomfortable environment will damage your antioxidant system. This can reduce your ability to eliminate oxygen free radicals. Lots of oxygen free radicals will accumulate in your body, polluting your blood.

Blood pollution will form lots of blood toxins. Blood toxins will cause excessive immune-inflmmatory reaction in kidneys. Kidney intrinsic cells will be damaged. The existence of these toxins is the root cause of severe and lingering kidney disease.

How to treat kidney failure radically?

1. A good dietary habit

Different patient will have different diet. Generally speaking, kidney patients need to eat light and rich fiber foods such fresh vegetables and fruits. Also they need to follow a low salt and low lipid diet. Patients with normal kidney function can take protein as normal but when kidney function declines, patients should follow a low but high quality protein and high fiber intake.

2. A comfortable environment

A comfortable environment includes regular daily schedule, personal hygiene, a good mood and a high sleep quality.

3. Medical treatment-Toxin-Removing Treatment

As the above has mentioned, toxic accumulation in blood is the root cause of kidney damage. A good therapeutic effect demands a good blood environment. That is, toxins should be removed out of your body. Toxin-Removing Treatment in our hospital can remove toxins and toxins from your body and purify your blood effectively. This therapy combines a series of Chinese medicine treatment like Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Moxibustion Therapy, Medicinal Soup and Enema Therapy,etc. They can dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation and increase blood flow to kidneys. In this way, toxins and wastes can be discharged out. More importantly, Toxin-Removing Treatment can improve renal function. In this way, symptoms like swelling, proteinuria, anemia, itchy skin and high blood pressure can all be treated from the root.

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