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Best Chinese Medicine Treatment for Kidney Shrinkage

2016-02-20 07:30

Best Chinese Medicine Treatment for Kidney ShrinkageIf your kidneys are small in size, you should be alert, because kidney shrinkage usually indicates kidney failure. Effective medical treatment is needed with kidney shrinkage. Here, we will introduce the best Chinese medicine treatment for kidney shrinkage. If your current treatment is not effective enough to help you reverse your illness, this Chinese medicine treatment will be a good choice for you.

The Chinese medicine treatment mentioned above is not a simple oral medicine, but a systematic treatment based on Chinese medicine. It includes four parts:

1. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy plays an important part in this systematic Chinese medicine treatment. It is a great innovation of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and successfully combines Chinese herbs and advanced medical device-osmoscope. This Chinese herbal treatment can dilate blood vessels, activate kidney intrinsic cells, and increase self-recovery ability of kidney. With help of this treatment, certain kidney damages can be repaired well.

2. Mai Kang Mixture

Mai Kang Mixture is an oral liquid which can nourish kidney, adjust blood pressure, adjust blood sugar, strengthen immune system and repair endothelial cells injured by toxins in blood. This oral Chinese medicine is very health-beneficial.

3. Medicinal Foot Bath

In this Chinese medicine treatment, medicinal foot bath is used as a very important adjuvant therapy to deal with kidney shrinkage. It is very comfortable and health-beneficial to have foot bath regularly. By adding certain medicine on the warm water, blood circulation in our whole body can be improved! More important, in our feet, there are acupoints which are related to our kidney. By stimulating these acupoints, kidney health can be promoted greatly.

4. Oral Chinese herb decoction

Herbs like Snow Lotus Herb, Common Achyranthes Herb, and Hairyvein Agrimonia Herb and Bud might also be used to help deal with kidney shrinkage. Different types of Chinese herbs are used and it is based on specific illness condition.

Kidney shrinkage is a relatively severe kidney condition, which needs us to pay much more attention; otherwise, dialysis or kidney transplant will be the last two life-sustaining options. The Chinese medicine treatment we mentioned above is the typical treatment for kidney shrinkage in our hospital. If you are interested in this treatment, please feel free to contact us for more treatment details.

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